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hey guys here is the problem im having when i go to turn on my mr2 i have power steering for about a min,then all of the sudden it just stops working but if i turn the car off then on again its back for a min from start up....weird no p/s light fluid full works great for that min its on.......any ideas before i have to take it to a shop and get charged.. trying to avoid this option unless im left with no choice

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maybe your pump is going bad??

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I had a similar problem last spring. I had a P/S light and the power steering wasn't working at all. I checked the fluid. It was only a little bit low. I topped it off. The P/S light went off and it worked fine for several days. Then it happened again. I checked the fluid.. It was still full. HHHmmmm?
So I took it to my tech friends. I've known them personally for years.very capable, very good with any import. Couldn't find anything wrong. Ran all kinds of tests. It is tied to the ABS system somehow. Sharing some common circuitry..the pump is electric.
Anyway, when we started the car it was working again. And has been working fine ever since...A mystery???
I know this doesn't help.. but maybe your problem will end up in a similar fashion..oh, they didn't charge me anything...
anyway, I would have to go with blackdelsol's suggestion...oh, check the fuse-since it is electric.
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