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FYI - I just went through the same thing with the drivers rear door. Mine is a 2001 and from what I've seen, window motors going out is not uncommon. I ordered an aftermarket regulator/motor for about $80 on Ebay. I also found a very helpful 99 Camry service manual on . When I got mine apart, I noticed that the aftermarket regulator seemed more flimsy than the factory. Aftermarkets being what they are, I decided to just swap out motors and clean/lube the old regulator. Only one mounting hole on the aftermarket motor did not line up exactly right and I just drilled out the old hole to fit. I also had to swap the wires in the aftermarket motor connector because the window was going up when I pushed the switch down and vice versa. Got everything back together and the whole thing works great.

As with most everything, it is only hard the first time. Also, keep some superglue or plastic adhesive handy for the little trim pieces you might break. Hope your solution works, but I've got a feeling you'll be replacing the window motor before long.

The manual was courtesy of DrXenon....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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