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Power Windows/Locks Fuse Location

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Hi. I own a '95 Camry LE. Last night my power windows and locks all quit working simultaneously. My suspicion is that there is a blown fuse. As to the underlying problem of why the fuse blew (if it did) I have no idea, but right now I want a quick fix because my windows are stuck down and it's raining hard. :( (yes, I put some plastic over them, but who knows how long it will last??)

At any rate, I looked in the owner's manual to find the type of fuse necessary (30V Female "type C") and bought a replacement. My problem is locating the fuse. The schematic shows the fuse in the instrument panel fuse box, but where the diagram says it should be, there is a blue box labeled (I think) "Relay Integration". I can't see any way of opening this box, so I'm stumped as to how to replace the fuse. If anyone knows how to open this box, or where the fuse may be if it's NOT in this box...please let me know. Thank you.

- Michael
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You have to take off the plactic piece of dash underneath the steering wheel and its by the fuse box but its farther back and to the side of it there is only I think like 3 or 4 fuses on it they are block style fuses one of them is a 30A pink fuse thats the one for the power windows also if you have a Haynes manual you can find it under junction block...
Ok, I tried what you suggested and this is what I found.

On the opposite side of the fuse block inside the instrument panel, I found three gray blocks. On them they say 30A, but they look nothing like the 30A pink fuse I bought. Are these fuses or relays or something different? It looks like this is what the owners manual is referring to for the power window fuse.

In the owners manual, these blocks correspond to 1) rear defogger 2) power windows, power locks, power moonroof 3) starting system (I think, not sure what this is). They are all labeled identially (30A). They are gray blocks about 1 inch square with four prongs on the back that plug into the back of the fuse box.

I decided to experiment by swapping the block for the rear defogger (which works) but this did not fix anything. So, I'm still kind of lost. If there is a pink fuse for the windows, I have not found it yet, but I will keep looking. Please post if there are any further suggestions.

- Michael
I guess it might not be pink mine was.. just change the one that is suggested for power windows in your owners manual.. it should work.. I had to change mine a few times because it kept blowing fuses so the one they refer to as the power windows should work...
I've run into several of the situations that you've described. There's an easy fix and a hard fix. The unfortunate thing is that you don't get to choose which one you get to use.:( With that said, start at the passenger side kickplate. remove it and then with your head down there, look up. There will be one more of those 1 by 1 grey or black boxes, they call them type C fuses but they are relays in reality, this is not what you are looking for. What you are looking for is burried right next to it and is a 40 amp fusible link. It is about 3/8 of an inch square (visible)and about 1.25 inches deep(not visible until you pull it out), should be green in color with a clear cap on it. The owner's Manual calls it the fuse for the Heating/ Cooling System but the power windows/ locks also run through it I guess it must be the old 4 and 60 air-conditioner of yesteryear:lol:. Pull it out and check the continuity through it with an ohm meter and if bad, replace it. You can check voltage at the switch on the terminals at one end, usually a white wire with a black stripe and a blue wire with no stripe. voltage should be 12-14.5 volts. If no voltage or if this doesn"t fix the problem ,you get to go the hard way
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Thanks for the detailed advice, I will try this immediately. Just out of curiousity, is there a fuse for the power windows somewhere? The relay I located behind the instrument panel definitely seems to be what is referred to in the owner's manual as the fuse for the power windows/locks/moonroof. Is there a fuse inside the relay, or is it somewhere else? Just wondering, for my own personal enlightenment and all. Thanks again, and I'll let you know how it turns out.

- Michael
Thats where its at because I've changed mine before it is for the power windows, power doorlocks, and power moonroof.. if you cant figure it out post a picture of it...
There is no actual fuse for the pw/pl system. The relay behind the instrument panel is just that, a relay. You can test it by applying 12VDC across the copper colored tabs and checking continuity across the silver colored tabs. No continuity when voltage is applied means a bad relay but you already switched it with another and had no other system fail so this test would be redundant.
Ok, I found the fuse, just had to dig a little deeper than I had originally expected. It was right on the bottom side of the steering column, under the wheel. This was confusing, as the owner's manual gives no indication of the existence of this fuse, but...all's well that ends well. Thanks to everyone who responded.

- Michael
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