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Power Windows roll up slow

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I know this sounds stupid, but my power windows roll up slowly. My step-mom also has a 94 Camry, and her windows roll up faster than mine. And they roll up even slower when I'm rolling up more than one at a time. Any fix to this, and has anyone else had this problem?
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same problem here-- they are really slow and it gets pretty annoying after awhile
take off the door panels and clean the window rails and new motors will always make it better
same type of thing. front passenger window rolls up slow toward the top and the window seems to come of the track a little exposing about an 1/8" of the window thats untinted.
my rear windows roll up alooot faster than my front ones, and no its not cuz they dont go all the way down, they just have a faster speed.... other than that, same problems as you, much slower when doing more than one, or all four at the same time
worn down rollers? more slack in the system, yours probably got more use, that's all
same problem here. on the fronts, especially passenger side. age must be getting it:(
1993 Camry

I have replaced both front with aftermarket window regulators. They are made much better than OEM and now the windows raise quickly. -- same OEM motors
where might one get a set of aftermarket regulators? mine are really slow and if its pretty cheap i guess it'd be worth it to not bug me anymore
I think ALL gen 3's have the same SLOW PASSENGER window. ALL my windows are fine except that slow ass one. And it dosn't even get used that much. My passenger window is fast as hell compared to it.
My drivers window drags up and all the others move really quick.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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