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Powersteering----how Hard?

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i have a standard cab 92 pickup with no power steering wondering how hard it would be to put p/s on it... any tips?
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If the truck never came with it, it will be quite a bit of work.. I think you'll have to swap out the whole rack and pinion... Maybe someone else can give you a little better insight...
Well, to start with, a 92 has no rack and pinion.

It's really fairly easy to convert to PS if you have all the parts from a donor truck.

PS pump and mounting brackets
PS gear box
all the hoses and cooler

Make sure the main puley has an open place for the belt.
If your really going to tackle it; would be good to look at another vehicle just like yours with the pump installed.
The orientation of the brackets is a little complicated so it would be good to have pictures of an application you could follow.
If yours is a 22RE would guess it would get mounted like my 89 22RE.
I'd be willing to take some photos and try to post them (never posted photos before so it could take me awhile) so you can see the mounting configuration.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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