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Previa ABS standard?

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Hi All,

I am currently on the market for a Previa and looking forward to it.

One quick question about ABS. When did this become available and is it available as standard or an option on the beans? Any particular years? How do I check for ABS on the Previa? Are there any dashboard display indicators?

Thanks, Digs
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ABS system

Hi, her 94 has abs, my 97 does not , guess it was an option. The indication will be on the instrument light panel, when you turn the ignition on you will see the "abs" light come on.
ABS was available on all years for the Previas. Our 91 has it but our 93 does not. It shoudln't be too hard to find a Previa with ABS.

There will be an ABS light that comes on when you start the van, as well as a black ABS pump under the hood to the right of the washer fluid tank. If it does not have it there will be a noticable empty space with bolt holes in the frame where the pump would be.
ABS was an option for my 97, therefore for all Previas (91-97) ABS was an option, not standard.
My 1991 has one, i was totally surprised, didn't expect to have one on a 91.
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