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Previa Aut. oil colour

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Hello everybody,

I`ve a previa from 92 and I notice that the colour of the oil from the aut. gearbox is a bit like the colour of the engine. Is this normal? I change the oil last summer and I notice that also the level is a bit higher. Should the oil allways be red?

I`m kinda confused on this one.. :confused: :confused:

KA100, Holland
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Is this the automatic trans? If so, the fluid will darken over time mostly due to getting very hot. Heat kills transmission fluid. The color will also darken faster depending on the transmission mileage. Does the fluid have a burn odor?
Automatic transmission fluid, as well as power steering fluid are cherry (yes cherry) red when new. Both will darken over time becoming more and more brown. So long as it is not a really nasty brown color, and doesn't have a burnt smell, it shouldn't give you a problem. If it worries you, or you have put a ton of miles on your van, there is no harm in changing it again.
Hello again...

Thanks toyomoho and gideon1331 for de advice. I dont get any kind of burn smell caming out of the transmission, I just think it`s getting dark very soon, and then again, maybe not... My van as 250 000 km so it should be normal. I read in my manuals book that I should change the filter of the gearbox, and to be honest I never changed and I dont know when was the last time somebody changed. Should I changed the filter ?

Thanks again, and ride safe... :) :)

Ka100, holland
If you are unsure about the filter it would be a good idea to get it changed. The Previa transmission is very strong, but a clogged filter can hurt even the best transmission. My Dad changes his every 30,000 miles (48,000km), but he also tows a 3000 pound boat several times a week whenever it is warm enough to go fishing. To my knowlidge it has never been in bad condition when he has replaced the filter, but its an inexpensive way to make your transmission last a very long time.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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