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Hello --

I currently own a Corolla GTS twin cam 1985 that is not starting at the moment. I am moving out of the country in one month and do not have the funds to fix the car. I had it analyzed at a Toyota dealership and they told me that the engine is running fine but there is no spark because the distributor and ignitor unit need replacing which will cost about 800.00.

I would like to sell the car 'as is' but I have no idea about its value. It seems that I get stopped all the time and asked if I am selling this car and so it seems there is a lot of interest in the car. It has a lot of rust above the wheel wells because of salt on the roads and some minor fender damage to the driver side fender. It has about 255,000 KM on it.

I was wondering if anyone out there might have a suggestion of its approx. value? It has a brand new head gasket and timing belt (about one month old). I know it is difficult to say without seeing the car but I thought people here might have a ballpark figure.

Thanks for your help!!

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It depends on a few things. I've seen these go any where from $100 to over $11,000 pending on the over all condition and modififactions done to it.

This car is some what rare and in high demand these days. Recently a towtruck driver I know was telling me how some one boght one for $900 with the body really rusted out and the engine not even working... Who ever paid that much is pretty dumb.

If your car was running, could pass emissions, has a straight frame and no holes in the floor you could get $1,500 to $2,500 pending on how badly the buyer wants it.

But as the car is not currently running and thus will not be able to be emissioned it is harder to say. If the only bad things about the car are what you said and there are no rust holes through the chassis or through the doors and the interior is mint you might be able to get any where from $600 to $1,200 pending on how badly the buyer wants it.

I my self have had 3 of these cars and paid the following for the cars in various conditions.
$150 - dead engine, rusted out body and mint interior - parts car
$400 - mechanicaly works perfecly, mint interior but body is rusted out - parts car
$2,600 - Working with emissions and safty, mint interior, rusted wheel wells and extra parts - The car I drive
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