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I am looking to purchase a 2019 Highlander SE AWD. Called a few dealers in my area (Philadelphia) and best offer I am getting is 11% off MSRP plus rebate. Wondering if this is because there is limited inventory of SE or dealers are waiting for me to come in before playing ball. Hoping to get 15%+ rebate, like many on this forum. Told them I am ready to buy in 1-2 days. Any thoughts?
Make a trip down to Northern VA. Koons Tysons has SE for 34981 plus ttl. Can send you my contact's email and see if he can go any lower..

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Just bought this week in MD:

2019 XLE AWD
MSRP: $43k
Purchase Price (includes $3000 rebate...before taxes and fees): $34k (20% discount)

One thing I will note - check the doc fees! I live near DC so could pick either VA or MD. VA dealerships had doc fees of $700-$900. MD dealerships were all at $300 (maybe max required by law, not sure). So, VA dealerships were about 1% of MSRP behind right off the bat. One VA dealership actually gave me a better deal on the XLE, but couldn't overcome the difference in doc fee.

Thanks to everyone on this site. In my area at least, 20% was the max...had two dealerships get there and stop. A few other dealerships bowed out at the 18% range.

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Just got a Highlander SE
Any recent deals for Highlander SE?
About 13% discount off MSRP. Before $3000 rebate!

I always negotiate to "Out the door price, with my trade in". I have my prices written down, and do the I knew what Carvana would give for my trade-in. So local dealer giving that price meant I saved another $800 in Texas Sales Tax. So I did the research, took my best offer and tossed in the trade (no hassle).

We have a small market in Austin, TX so I do politely let the dealers know I am ready to buy today. If price can be met, great if not I'll be back in a week as I travel to Houston and Dallas on business. My last Ford was bought in Kansas City, MO.

The MSRP on the Highlander is $40,640. Delivery is 1,095 (seems to vary per region). So $41,735 for base. This is from my window sticker, seems the car came into inventory but was sitting the back lot for a while. The irony is when I walked in to buy it their quick reference app said they had two. I walked the Salesmen over to to the car, as he said he only had a White and Black one in stock. They really want to move old inventory (LPT: Batteries will need replacement sooner than new ones, but at 43 miles it was a new vehicle).

The window invoice will show $43,395 as it has a $1660 of items added on. Rear Cargo Cover, Stainless Steel Running Boards, Cargo Net, Paint and Interior Sealant ($349, cough) I never saw any SE at the base, all of them a host of options added.

Highlander SE Inventory is dwindling down. They had three in stock. White, Silver, Black. I really like the Silver vehicle as black bakes in the Texas sun. White just gets too dirty too fast.

I tried to get them to toss in the remote start feature (not software, but hardware needs to be added. Aftermarket about $250). No, go on that, so I said "fine" and politely walked out. The sales guy did call back later to apologize but said they wanted $800 installed for a remote starter. They could do it for $600, but no less. You can buy them for $250 and takes 10 minutes to install, so I'll add it later. Went back two hours later, signed paperwork and left with my new Highlander.

$3000 rebate or 60-month Interest-Free Finance? About 4% interest you are better off with the $3000 discount. Toyota Interest came back at 4.8% on the loan.

To "soften you up" you first meet with an "option person" who sets up the first service, gets your name written down and has the "rubber floor mats" and few other things they can apply. Well, resist! It's to get you to accept "oh $99 mud floor mats" let's do it. Little things, but they show the pricing per month. :)

Then the finance/closer job is to get you to add additional warranty items. Keep in mind you bought a Toyota for reliability! All Emission equipment is 100,000 miles (EPA), so it's the extra electronics. I kept saying "decline, let's keep to the Out The Door pricing. Keep in mind you buy a new car every few years, the dealer does this 40 times a day and has it polished to a fine edge. Having an out the door price helps!

I'm very happy with the deal I got. Yes, I'm a grumpy old man. Fascial Muscles don't work, so no smile or emotion. It makes it very hard for Sales People to "read my expression". Just life, but boy it comes in handy when car shopping.

tl;dr: Be reasonable. Have an "out the door price" and stick with it. At closing is all the "optional warranty items" the idea is to confuse you, so do research ahead of time.
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