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I am looking into a 1994 Land Cruiser with 220,000 miles. Besides the high miles, everything else is in good condition. Question: I was told that land cruisers can go for 400,000 miles. Is that true. Seems like a lot of miles to me. They are asking 6,300. What do you think?
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$6300 for a '94 with 220K seems a little high unless it is in pristine condition.

Does it have the factory diff locks? That can add a few $'s to the value. How about maintenance records?

What does Kelly Blue Book say for it?

Personally, from what I've seen, and I've looked at a bunch of 80 Series Cruisers, I think around $5000 might be more in line.

Can you post up some pictures of it?

Another good, no, make that great, resource is the Mud board. Here is the link to the 80 Series theads.

If you can post up pictures there too and put in as much info as you can, they will be most happy to give you their opinions.

The Mud board is hands down the best Land Cruiser resource on the web!
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