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So, I have a small question...

Currently driving an '06 Corolla LE. Need to know about the potential for replacing it with a Hybrid, probably a Prius.

Here's how I usually use my car at present:

On Friday night, I go and pick up my car at my parent's house in Yonkers. I live in NYC, and so I can't really keep it with me during the week for parking reasons.

I drive it around up there in a mix of highway and street driving, hills and flats. I'm usually a lead-foot, but with a Prius, would probably be more tame, just because it simply isn't capable of doing what I would want to do. At the end of the night I bring it back down to the city via highway. Naturally, NYC highways can be congested at times, so I'm thinking that as long as I don't womp the gas pedal, I should be OK and stay in electic mode while in traffic.

Saturday usually sees me coming back up to Yonkers area to do some galavanting of some sorts. Again, same situation in terms of driving.

Sunday, same thing as above. I drop it back off on Sunday night and go home via train.

On rarer occasions, I go either upstate towards Brewster on 684, which sees speeds of 65+ (usually upwards of 80), and even the slow lane does 70 regularly, or I go down to Jersey, again, on the Turnpike, which again is 65 speed limit most of the way, and again is usually upwards of 80 normally. In both directions, I'd be doing an average of 70-75 if I'm trying to lay off the lead. This driving would only be once a month or so...

Rarely do I actually experience heavy city traffic, except when I'm leaving the city at like noon on Saturday, and I can be in heavy traffic for up to 15 minutes at those times.

So I have two questions related to this...

1) What kind of mileage can I expect to see, if you think you can provide a reliable estimate. If there's no easy way to tell, just say so.

2) What would be the possibility for side effects as far as the battery discharge issue goes from sitting for 5 days at a time, and on occasion, two weeks...? I can't imagine good. And does this affect the combustion motor's starting battery, or the electric motor's batteries?

The reason I need to know is because I am considering a hybrid overall, most likely the Prius, but I can't really risk doing continuous damage to the battery, or for that matter, just running the battery so low that it would really not ever have the capacity to do any real length of distance on the electric drive.

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1) I'd say low 40s based on your speed (NYers can give a better estimate cause they'll know the terrain and the roads you're talking about 2) 5 days should be ok. It's the regular 12V I'd be worried about lol. Two weeks.. make sure all battery drain (that can be controlled) is off (e.g headlight in OFF position, dome lights in OFF position etc etc you get the point). Try to run it once a week. The computer won't let the battery drain. The most you'll see is two bars (maybe one if you're climbing a mountain with 5 ppl and a 16% grade or something). Even then, it's not fully drained. The battery meter on the screen (MFD) shows only a small range of the true SOC of the battery. The computer keeps the charge at 60% (about 6 bars). If it's higher (e.g. 7 or 8 bars) it'll use the battery more. If it's lower, it'll use the engine more.

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I'd guess that 2 weeks idle is no problem - i've had a boat idle for 6 months and started it
on a good lead-acid battery. I think the NiMh battery (used for starting) has low self-discharge
and, as stated above, the computer won't let it get too low. Leaving lights on will discharge the 12V battery, but I don't think the system will let you leave headlights on.
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