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How good is the GPS system in the current model Prius?
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I have had my 2005 for about 4 weeks. I have not been on a road trip with the GPS but it functions relatively well around town. The only problem I have is the details of the data base. We live in a town or about 50K and there are a number of roads the GPS shows on the map but will not navigate using those roads. I have also had it stop guiding on a street but still show the street continueing.

So, on a scale of 1-10 (10 best) I would rate the GPS overall as a 7. I rate the database at a 4 or 5.
The navigation and map detail depend on the makers of the map and will vary from area to area. I am a bit surprised that you had trouble navigating. After all, that's what it is all about.
I was more interested in how easy the nav system is to use and whether or not finger marks on the screen interfere with viewing the map.
I have used a StreetPilot III and found it wanting in a few areas.
This isn't uncommon for mapping. We are always given a longer route that requires travelling an exit or two further north to reach a major road in our area. There is a much shorter way if I get off sooner. However, for whatever reason the road in question is never selected. Once I drive across it the GPS will re-route.

My wife and I have noted that Google & Yahoo maps also do not utilize this road. But it's a fairly good size road. My own thought is that because it is crossed by railroad tracks that maybe the GPS and mapping services avoid it on the potential of a long rail car going through. But I have yet to ever see that happen.
Do I have to stop or pull over before my system to work or before I can change my "destination" on the GPS. I'm also having problems with the signal for the Satellite radio... there is hardly ever a signal and Satellite radio is constantly going on and off. My dealership told me that the GPS (POI, intersections, and Destinations) only works when the car is pulled over.. as a safety measure. This sounds particularly strange to me. HELP PLEASE!!!!!
If it is engaged, the GPS works all the time moving or not. But you can change it or input new data only when stopped. It is a safety issue. They don't want you fiddling with the screen while driving.
Does the GPS get info on construction on roads? It seems that ours did. We were travelling down PA. It was stop and go. The GPS kept telling us to get off. But I didn't trust it and stayed on. Finally after well over an hour of crawling a long, I got off. This has happened a couple of times. So I wonder if construction info is fed into the GPS.
There are many complaints about not being able to make changes to the GPS while driving, your vehicle must be not moving. I have always used GARMIN GPS units in the past. This is the first Toyota GPS I have ever used. I have a 2011 Prius V and love the Prius but absolutely HATE the GPS. I recently bought a device that will hold my GARMIN GPS on the dash of my Prius and I plan to use it rather than the Toyota GPS. My biggest complaint is that I have to pull OFF the interstate in order to make changes to the GPS. Warning: do not pull over to the side of the interstate to make changes, already other Toyota GPS users have been rear-ended or involved in a crash while doing this. Exit the interstate and find a safe place (especially at night) where you can adjust your GPS. Toyota has really made a big mistake by not giving you a disclaimer page and allowing you to accept responsibility, like GARMIN does.
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