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Prizm Factory Service Manual ??????

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Has anyone ever used a Prizm Factory Service Manual in place of a Corolla manual ???????

I did a search and found nothing, but may have entered the wrong question.

Seems that the difference could only be very minor, but I've been very wrong before.

EBay people want to much for all import manuals :confused:
They want $95-$115 for the Service manual and $55 for the Electrical Manual

For a 2001 Corolla you can buy direct from Toyota a Service Manual for $126.18 + $12 shipping.
The Electrical manual is $46.83 + $12 shipping.
If you buy them both the shippingis $15
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From what iv ready....yes you should be able to use the prizm manual... even the haynes repair manuals covers 3 cars in 1 book (corolla,geo,prizm 93-02)... my understanding isd the major diff with the cars are mainly cosmetic but im not even 100 % sure myself so.........
All the manuals will work. The Prism is only difference is like you said, cosmetics.
I think I have figured out why the Prizm manual comes in 2 Volume's.
The Prizm has all the electrical information in volume 2
The Toyota manuals sell as two items, the service manual as one and the electrical as the other.

I will be sending payment out for my 2001 Prizm manuals tomorrow.

I have a guy that I buy manuals from who said he had all of the Prizm manuals.
I can email you his address or is it OK to post it here????????

EBay looked like it had some cheap prices for the Prizm manuals.
They had a 99 for $20 + $10 shipping and others way less tham a Toyota manual.
All the manuals will work. The Prism is only difference is like you said, cosmetics.

When you call the Junk Yards they say that the differences are very small.

Looks like they did have some Alum wheels and a gray 2 tone interior.

The yard I go to said they have 12 Corollas and 8 Prizms so I will be able to look at a good number of choices for sure.

As soon as the snow starts to go away and the temp's go up :D
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