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(Pics below Text)

So on Tuesday, my grillcraft, front bumper sub assembly, and KC Rally lights came in, so my roommate and I thought what the hell, and got to work.

My Pro Comp light bar had been lying around for about 3 weeks because we absolutely destroyed the bumper sub assembly by doing really shitty drilling, so I had to order new ones. That being said, we took apart the whole front bumper, including the bumper filler. Drilled holes in the new sub assemblies for the light bar mount. Replaced the old assemblies and attached the mounts. Put the bumper back on and attached the light bar.

I knew this would be the most painful light bar to install, but it is well worth it. The light bar was only $150, and is the best looking light bar IMO without going with an offroad bumper. Plus I like the dezert racer look. We had to drill a total of ten holes, two of which are on the bumper. I'm not worried because if I were to take that light bar off, it would be to install a new offroad bumper, so this bumper is going to have this light bar on permanently.

I got 2 sets of KCs because the light bar can house only 3 lights, plenty for me. However, I still havent figured out the best way to wire the third light in. Suggestions maybe?

Yesterday, I Installed the Grillcraft between classes and was a breeze. I painted behind the grille today but the pics are from yesterday:

close up of the bumper mount:

close up of the sub assembly mount:


lights on:


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