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problem please help. deff needed

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I got in a wreck last thursday, I fixed the body, changed the battery, and went to start it, put key in turned it to ignition 2 all lights but check engine lite come on, coil sparks repetivly, try to start it, it cranks but doesn't run, fuel pump doesn't come on. so I fittle with it and pulled a fuse (guage fuse)... the fuel pump starts working, and the coil doesn't spark all the time. put it back in and it messes up again...

it was a pretty hard wreck, posibly a collision sensor... if there is one can sombody tell me where it is at? (92 so no air bags)
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it doesnt have any collision points since it has no airbags or special saftey features an i found at 94 tercel in robinson if you want me to i could see about getting parts
I already fixed the whole body. I just have to weld the frame now... do yall have a welder (mig) at ur shop?
yea we have it all bu my boss dont let anyone back there that doesnt work there because of liabiliy
I worked in Waco for awhile at Best Buy. Cool lil college town. Go Bears! Lol! Water sucks though when the river turns...
yes! I hate the water here. I drink bottled, lol anyways I think im going to pull the dash and inspect the WHOLE harness if I cant find it then you pull it here I come with about 3 hours of time taking the harness
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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