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Hi, I just bought my car Toyota Matrix 2005 XR TRD and the last owner lost the original toyota remote, so if you go to toyota to get brand new one it cost 150$. Probably he said OMG it's too expansive and he went to a jober place and bought I cheap remote. So my problem is I bought a used Toyota remote on Ebay and I did all stage from the Matrix Repair Manuel and it doesn't answer me. My brother have Corolla 2003 and I tried all the same procedure and it work perfectly... Since friday I tried everything, and probably my neighbours already called alysum to came seek me because open close turn key open close open close turn key open close close open is abnormal...they are certainly thinking that I am really sick... So I reach maximum of my patience and I don't want to pay 80$ at dealer for 3 minutes of remote programming.

What I think is maybe he desactivated with Prohibition Mode (I don't kwow if I have to do something to reactivate it) maybe anyone know how to do!?!?!

Or when he activated the non-company remote, it desactivated the module to accept toyota remote.

Or it's another problem and someone know what is it. Afterall, it will be a pleasure to help me (I hope ;))

Thank You

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