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Problem With '91

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About a week ago, my wife's 91 corolla was having issues starting. She sat there for like 5 minutes trying to get it started (it was cranking just not turning over). The next day, she got it started and was driving down the road when it died at a stoplight. First thing I tried was jumping it, did not work. I check for spark, all good. I pulled the fuel line going into the engine and cranked it, getting fuel. I took off the valve cover and cranked it, cams turn. I'm not a mechanic but I asked around and I've gotten two different diagnosis: Timing belt slipped a tooth or two, Distributor/Coil bad. I'm just trying to get the opinion of more informed people.

So Recap:
Sparks: Yes
Fuel: Yes
Cams: Yes
Battery Good: Yes
Cranks: Yes
Turns over: No

Any help would be appreciated thank you.
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Ignitor... if that's still good then I would say probably the fuel pump, you might smell the gas but that doesn't mean it's working.
I actually took off the line going to the engine and cranked it. I filled up a bottle with fuel so it's not a "smell gas" its actually getting gas. I'm going to hit the junk yard tomorrow and see if I can find a distributor and try that (a couple of recommendations from friends said to try distributor)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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