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Here is my problem, I have wired it just like i wired in my 2008 corolla, but picked up the wire for speed senser purple as suggestion on the avic411 forum
I hope the vss is purple, and if any of you are confirm this to me?

1.0 problem begin, while driving, the pointed car arrow would get stuck at one place and wont move. no guidance voice would come out, and once get to the destination, it would say you have arrived at destination. and I would go in hardware to see the pulse speed, there wont be any pulses.

2.0 another problem is sometime, the arrow would be pointing all the way upwards, and I would be going sideway. and still at this time, the pulse is zero.

I have reset the unit few times, but still the same problem

Another issue is, that since I have the 09 corolla S, and has 6 speakers, but the harness for 09 corolla has connection to hook up 4 speakers, so what is the solution to that?

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