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Problem with dash lights?

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I have and 08 scion xb and just recently I noticed that when I turn my headlights on I dont have any dash lights, so I cant see my speed, etc.

When I dont have the headlights on the dash lights work just fine.

So is it just a simple fuse I can replace or should I call someone??

Thanks so much
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Your dash light brightness is adjustable when your parking and headlights are on. It sounds to me like you have them adjusted all the way down which is pretty much off.

There should be a small adjustable wheel on the left side of the dash just below the storage pocket next to the drivers door. You can rotate that in an up or down direction and it will adjust the brightness of your interior dash light.
Oh geez, thats pretty silly... I didnt touch it obviously or I would know to turn it back up, LOL.

BUT I just got my car outta the shop a few days ago and noticed it the today when it was raining and I turned my headlights on. They must have adjusted it for some reason.

Thanks so much for letting me be a dummy here instead of going somewhere and looking like a big idiot in person!!! LOL
I'm gonna go out and fix that in a few ;)

If that doesn't fix the problem, there's a possibility that it's burnt out(the switch). It's called a rheostat.

We're glad to help and if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. You can send me a PM if you'd like or feel free to post it up here so others can see your question in case they are afraid to ask publicly.
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