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Problem with HID lights turning on for my fogs. 05 toyota corolla s

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I have a 2005 toyota corolla s. I installed HID on my lows, highs, and fogs. All but the fogs seems to be working fine. I have 9006 35w HID kit installed for my fogs. Every time I turn the lights on the fuse for the fog lights burn out. Please help. Thanks!
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HIDs will pull way more than 35W at startup, so say they are rated at 35 watts or 3 amps each, they will probably pull twice that when firing, so 12 amps, and I believe the stock fuses are 10A.

Have you tried firing the headlights, letting them warm up then firing the fogs?
Yeah I turn on my head lights before I start my car so they can warm up. The fogs worked fine with factory head bulbs. My head lights and fogs don't turn on until the 3 click on my light switch so they only come on both at the same time. The fuse for the head lights is 10A but the fogs is 15A.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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