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problem with my disc changer-

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i have a 10disc sony disc changer...
its about 5yrs old. and i think it just died on me
the funny thing is i wanna say its mechanical,but it still loads the cd but it just can't read it? any quick solutions? i tried using a cd cleaner and it worked for a lil bit, but now its just completely gone. Any quick solutions for this? i jus figured ware and tare. so before i buy another cd changer (prolly a 6disc) maybe there a way i can salvage this... but if not then i guess ill jus pick up a 6disc for bout 100$... any suggestions though ?
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i'm guessing its the laser inside was on it's way out... or the connections were bad. for the amount it costs to fix that.... i would just by a new one.... seeing as it is 5 years old and all :thumbup:
DO NOT ever use a lens cleaner. Although they claim it's non-abrasive, it will scratch the lens no matter what. You're lucky that you got 5 years out of it, as most don't last that long. If the laser is misaligned, there isn't really much you can do. I say just get a new one.
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