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problem with O/D

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I have a problem with the over drive in my truck. sometimes on the highway it will jump to 4th for no reason and wont go back, and it is extreamly difficult to get into O/D in the first place. does anyone know what to do or has experienced this problem? I have an automatic 3vz-e v6.
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my roommate has a similar prob with his chevy. a rebuild was needed
typically this is caused by a malfunctioning shift solenoid, worn clutch discs in the tranny, or other internal problems.
do you have it serviced every 30.000 miles?
usually either of those problems also causes severe wear on the torque converter. When you drop the pan, check for grayish/blackish sludge or thin layer of shiny flakes in the bottom of the pan.
This usually calls for a rebuild, as the flakes get into the passageways and clog them or cause pistons/discs/other internal stuff to wear out and fail
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