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Problem with Tacoma electrical

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I have a problem on my 2007 Tacoma double cab where sometimes the radio head unit will be dead, keyless entry dead, clock under radio dead, air bags warning light on, and passenger airbag says off, and interior lights do not work. After twenty minutes of running, the headunit, lights, and clock will all be good. Turn the truck off, at the next start up air bag issues are clear as well. 5 minutes into the ride everything goes sideways again with these components, then they may come back after 10 minutes or may not. I can drive a long distance, like 3 hours with truck running, and no problem at all. My question is there anything all these components share. A relay, a fuse, anything that would be a common denominator.
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You're battery may be on it's last legs. A weak battery causes funny things on the electrical side.
How about a rat? Check your underhood wiring and see if any of it is gnawed on.
From a circuit perspective, the items you list don't share a common fuse or ground, but they do share a few common sources.

For one, there is a "short pin" in the under-hood fuse box that the dealer installs so that the truck won't work until then. I think it also runs the door locks and power windows, and the door-ajar light. Do these work? Problem is, it also runs the key transponder so it would seem like the truck wouldn't even run.

Another idea is the ignition switch itself. One set of contacts controls things like power mirror, power outlets, turn signals, wipers, 4WD, and the compass/temp thing. Do these work? Again, I'm not sure the truck would run if this was completely out.

Upstream of this is the 50A AM1 fuse, but I think if that were bad, the truck wouldn't start. So those are my only two ideas.

Good luck.
I wouldn't rule out a grounding problem here just yet. There are a few common grounds between the components you mention, and a faulty ground could exhibit the symptoms you describe.

Check the ground points located behind both the driver and passenger kick panels as well as the ground points on the crossmembers underneath both the driver and passenger front seats.
Check your fuse/relay box under the hood, you need to remove it and flip it over to check the underside. Mine (08) was just replaced under warranty for finally correcting a highly intermittent air bag fault light. BUT the twist to the story was after picking up the vehicle and operating flawlessly for 3 days, on my way home the radio went off, clock, tach & speed gauges went to zero, and all the warning indicators lit up, power windows & locks were dead as well. The rest of the vehicle performed well and drove fine, I headed for the dealer. A couple of times on my way over all the systems came back on line, but luckily by the time I made to the service bay all systems were down again. The tech discovered that Toyota left out a couple bolts that may or may not be included with the replacement fuse/relay box. These bolts fasten the high current conductors from the battery side to distribute to all the high current circuits inside the cab, the conductors were being held in place only by friction those few days. These bolts may be loose in your fuse box assembly. Sorry no pictures to share. The service adviser popped out a relay to show me the bolts (not easy to see) that were back in place and torqued. All is well over 3 months now.
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I will look into all these things. If I can't find any of these wrong. I might end up taking it to the dealer. I am hoping since it is air bag related I can get it corrected under the air bag warranty. I will update this thread once it's fixed. :)
Go to AutoZone or Pepboys or something like that and have your battery checked, often times problems like this occur due to a bad battery. Most likely it's ether not holding a charge, or it has a shorted cell. Both of which can cause said problems and the shorted cell can cause damage to your electrical components.
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