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Problem with the braking system on 2010 Prius?

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I purchased a 2010 Prius in March of this amidst all the negative publicity around Toyota cars. The Prius is my third Toyota and I have been a loyal Toyota driver for decades.

After having driven the Prius for over 8000 Km I have notice a potential issue regarding the brakes. When I have my brakes lightly applied in the process of slowing down and my Prius hits a bump in the road I notice that the car lurches forward or maybe the brakes loose grip for a split second. This has happened a number of times over past few months usually when travelling at slowly over a speed bump. Has anyone else noticed this phenomena and is this reason for concern? I have not been able to find any information on this issue on any Toyota forums nor have I approached the dealer about this.

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Status of this recall investigation?

I purchased my 2010 vehicle after this article was published and was assured by my dealer the issue would be addressed in my car...apparently not. Does anyone know the status of this investigation? I have experienced this phenomena a number of times with my 2010 Prius which is disconcerting to me.
If you go to the dealer and tell them of your problem, they will take care of it. There's a abs ecu reflash to address that very concern........
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