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i know i know, search, but i couldnt really find the same problem

everything was fine.. until last night

while driving i go to roll up the pass. side window with the lights on and stereo..
my headlights i thinked turn off or something but once i let go of the window switch, button, whatever everything was normal but then
every time i hit the brakes the same problem happens headlight dim or whatever OR when
i use the turn signal the headlights dim

i know of the BIG 3 and will be doing that but if thats not the problem what the else can it be?

i just tested my system volts or whatever and got these numbers:

before start up : 12.63
start up : 14.75
volts when brakes apply : drops to 14.59 climb 14.72 steady
volts with headlight : 13.65 - 13.68
volts with A/C WITH LIGHTS ON : on 13.06 - 13.22 climb to 13.50 steady
volts with A/C WITHOUT lights : 14.35 - 14.50
FULL LOAD A/C, lights, Brakes, stereo : 12.50 - 12.90

all this from when the car is COLD

now with the car WARMED up

idles : 14.12
brakes : 14.09
headlights : drops to 13.49 steady at 14.19 <<< THESE NUMBERS SEEM WEIRD TO ME:confused:
A/C : drops 13.09 steady 13.97
A/C WITH LIGHTS : 13.14 steady
full load is the same as above

i just got the damn batt.

i forgot to get the numbers when the window is applied....

but why the hell is the A/C and headlights using so much damn volts??
why the hell was my headlights dimming so bad lastnight???

i couldnt really address the problem last night cuz i had no tools and i wasnt home

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Hmmm all I was gunna say was your battery may be shot, but if you just got it then I have no idea. Someone will though probably.
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