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We have a 2002 Camry I4, it has 240. It never had any starting issues. So recently it started to have issues. When starting up, nothing would happen. Doing the simple starter/hammer test, it would start right up. So I figured it was the starter. So I went ahead and did the following maintenance myself:

-Replaced the starter with a rebuilt Denso starter.
-Replaced the valve cover gasket as it was leaking
-Replaced the spark plugs (this happened a few days later after the issue before so I dont think it is relevant).

After performing these tasks, I started getting P0340 which is Camshaft position sensor. As far as I know these rarely go bad. I think rather than a coincidence, I think it is related to the work I did.

Currently when starting the car, on first attempt the starter will crank crank crank but the engine won't actually turn over. When you try the second time (some times more than twice), it will start without any issues. Once the car is started, it runs without any issues.

I am an hobbyist mechanic at best so I figured someone can point me in the right direction. Any idea what's causing this?
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