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Problems with 89 camry 2.0.....timing?

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Ok, a few weeks ago, my 89 camry crapped out while driving home. After a few days of jiggling knobs and connectors, I got it to start.

Usually it takes about 7-8 tries before it'll start, and then its an effort. When it does get started, if I give it full throttle from a stop, it seems to pop, stutter, and doesnt' get any power until higher rpms (3000 or more) The longer I drive it, the worse the stuttering and popping gets. Sometimes it even stalls and won't restart for a while.

Spark plugs are new
I am getting spark (ignition coil reads 8 ohms)
Fuel is flowing freely
Catalytic convertor replaced, but it wasn't the problem (nice waste of 500 dollars though

I go back to college in less than 2 weeks. Is this a timing problem? If so, how much can I expect to pay to get it fixed? I cannot do it myself. I dont' have a garage, or the know how.
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Also, when it starts feeling like its losing power, I can shift it into neutral and the engin will rev (popping still) really high and seem all right, but as soon as I shift into gear, the loss of power begins again.
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