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problems with new cold air intake

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Hi, I'm new to the forum, but have been tinkering with cars for a long time. I bought my son a cold air intake for his 2000 corolla, but things didn't go well. The intake is a Spectre, and it came from Autozone. I looked at several types, but only a few had one for the 2000 Corolla. I removed the old box, filter, and hoses, and put the new cold air intake on, making new brackets to support it, as well as moving the mass air sensor and the EVAP purge and vent valves to the new intake, where there were adapters to fit several makes and models. Problem is, now the car would start up, run 5 seconds and die. This looked like a simple job....I cleaned the mass airflow sensor, thinking it was contaminated in the change, but didn't help. The only way I can get it to run, is by restricting the new intake by installing a plug with about a 3/4 inch hole in it....Do I have a bad maf? ohms checks out @ 1.5k @ 70 degrees....12 volts at the brown to black wire on the sensor....would a new $80.00 sensor fix this problem? Does this sensor not like a high flow of air? any ideas?
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maf could be shot, check the car for any codes (light not be on but some codes could be stored), it is not uncommon to kill a maf in an intake installation ;)
yep...sounds like a borked MAF to me, too.
On the K&N website they give you(step by step) instruction on how to install an air intake so this may help you if you miss to put or take out something
K N did not have a cold air intake for the 2000 Corolla, I have put the old box, and original air intake back on and the mass air sensor is working fine...I am pretty convinced the 2000 Corolla is not able to use a cold air intake OEM.....anything that changes the mass or weight of the air going through the intake. It seems Toyota has controlledthis air flow through ducts running to the front, around corners, and through the filter, and then designed a MAF sensor that only has a range for this particular flow......If it is drastically changed, the computer can't compensate....unlesssome one has actually installed a cold air intake on a 2000 Corolla and it works with out disabling the anti polution stuff.....and the check light doesn't come on......I give up!
the 1zzfe CAN use intakes, however the particular one you bought may not be compatable. it sounds like you had a massive air leak after the airflow sensor.
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