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It’s one thing to get your car looking its best in preparation for a car show and it’s another thing to keep your car looking its best during the car show. Whilst your car is on display, it can collect all sorts of nasties like dust and fingerprints, spoiling an otherwise stunning vehicle.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to bring along some detailing products for on-the-go use to take care of any dirt as quickly and easily as possible. Autoglym has you covered, offering a range of products suited for this exact purpose. Be sure to bring these along in a bucket to your next car show!

Autoglym Rapid Detailer is also perfect for maintaining that immaculate show-car shine, removing light dirt and leaving a layer of polymeric protection on surfaces. It also offers the added benefit of not affecting any previously applied polishes, waxes or sealants whilst topping up existing protection. It can be applied not only to paintwork but also rubber, plastic, bare metal and chrome. Before use, shake the bottle well. Then, making sure that the surface is cool to the touch first, apply Rapid Detailer sparingly to the affected surface. Using a microfibre cloth, spread over the surface and polish to a gleaming finish.

For getting rid of pesky marks and smudges like fingerprints on glass surfaces, Autoglym Fast Glass is a must-bring product to car shows. Fast Glass can be used on glass, mirrors, Perspex, acrylic and plastic windows. It’s also free from abrasives and ammonia, making it safe for use on tinted windows. Fast Glass has been developed to be extremely easy to use. Simply spray a light coating onto the glass and spread with a microfibre cloth. Then it’s just a matter of buffing the surface to a crystal clear finish, making sure to turn the cloth regularly.

A small detail, but an important one at that, shining tires are a must when displaying a car. Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing restores that natural black sheen to sidewalls of your tyres in just a matter of seconds. Apply a thick coating to the sidewall of clean tyres and allow to dry. For a matt finish, wipe away any excess with a clean microfibre.

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