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I am new to the forums, I searched and couldnt find what I was looking for.

I am interested in doing a projector retrofit with HIDs and better projectors.
I want the best lighting possible.

Currently I have stock headlights with a HID kit.. The lighting is terrible.

Also, aiming? How is this done?

These headlights are what I was looking at getting. I dont like all the bling and halos/LEDs/ect. I just want the best lighting possible.

What kind of projectos do I need to buy?

Also, is there anyone willing to buy/make/send them to me? How much?


My car's name is Kerolla!
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I did a HID projector retrofit with the same headlights, the only difference is that I have the chrome version. If you so a search you should find some pictures I posted here a while back.

Its very easy, just cut out the existing projector and mount the new hid projector, I used Acura tsx projectors, they just happened to fit the same space perfectly.

The website you want to go to is
They have everything you need, all put together in kits. These kits come with the relay needed that fits 9006 connector and with good oem quality ballasts and bulbs.
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