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Hey guys I am looking to get prokits to lower my trix, i was wondering if anyone had any pics of there trix's with these springs so i can see how low i am going to go, but i am really afraid how low they may drop my trix, bc were i live there are so many uphills, speedbumps, potholes, constructions, just shit that isnt good for a lowered car but i want the better handling since i have the dc dtrut bar and progress rsb. any pics or opions would be awesome
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thanks bro for the picture i appreciate it
thanks mephis you alway seem to be helping me i appreciate man
titaniumXR said:
thanks mephis you alway seem to be helping me i appreciate man
No problem.....glad that I can help.:rockon:
Could you tell me if alignment was a problem after lowering. I have a 07 M Theory. I am an old family man still I like the lower look but dont want to reengineer the car.
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i went with the tien htechs and i know that after they settle in which is about 500 miles you are suppose to allign them but i was not drifting or pulling while driving so i said screw it. i have driven about 4,000 miles and have not had an issue yet
I used the htechs and had mine aligned after about 1000 kms and the guy who did it for me told me the alignment was way out of spec, it's probably a good idea to do it even if you don't feel anything strange. An even change of camber on both sides will feel like a stock ride, but your tires are wearing improperly.
I agree with adamderry, you should def. get them align, but my dads own his own autoshop. And i really dont care about the factory tires anyways they are shit so the faster they wear down the better.. lol.. after i get my new tires which will be soon i will def. have it aligned. I def. recommend aligning your car, but its life or death if you dont, your tire may wear unevenly or your car may pull right or drift left.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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