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Proud Owner 91 MR2 Turbo!!

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Finally got it!!

Picked up my 1991 MR2 Turbo today, and so far I love it. Taking it tomorrow for all preventive maintenance and Monday morning to Toyota to fix the A/C... other than that the car is in really great shape for 160k miles.
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Congratulations! Welcome to the club :clap:
i just got a 91 a couple weeks ago i had a scare in it on the way home...but ive got used to the car and i love it i know youll love urs
I had pics taken, but the camera is a cheap piece of crap from ebay that has no drivers, and I cant get it to work... so i might have lost that for good. I also had video's of the dyno run.

2ndly, I have a dyno sheet, that I will post in my other thread as soon as I can find the damn power cord for my flat bed scanner.
Do some maintanace on it make sure you got fresh ignition parts and put a filter a boost gauge and turn up the boost a coupel of #'s just to make sure everything is ok with the motor :eek:
yep full ignition and tune up done.. all new rotars and wheel bearings done... bunch of other stuff that i cant remember.. going to pick it up from the shop today, and taking it straight to toyota to fix my T-Tops.
pm me and let me know how much they are charging for new seals thanks
by the way the distrubuter cap on my 2 goes ofter so you might want to have one handy just in case

basically all ignition compents get eaten up rather quickly
ignition eh?... ill check into that.
wvturbo2 said:
pm me and let me know how much they are charging for new seals thanks
Im getting the car out of the "maintenence" shop today, and taking it to toyota for the T-Tops and Tranny.. Ill let you know what they are gonna charget o fix it.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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