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Proud owner of a 2006 Camry SE V6

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Just traded in my 2002 Solara for a 2006 VCamry SE V6. What a difference in comfort and power (Solara was a 4-cylinder). Any ideas on modifications?\:D
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Any ideas on modification? :lol: I can think of a few good ones...

The very first mod that I should have done on my car (I did it eventually, but it should've been first) was lower it. You'll be happy you did.
Did you buy your SE with or without the TRD exhaust? Any noticeable sound level differences? What about ride quality after lowering?
Actually, mine is an LE. :disappoin But you wouldn't know it just by looking at it (unless you saw the tan interior).

Since I got the car, I added a spoiler, and when I did my hid projector retrofit, added fog lights, and painted the housings black.

Here's a video of when I first put my exhaust on:

And here's a funny one that was made not too long ago (not by me):

Keep in mind, its a 4cyl. SuperKaioken, a dude with a black SE V6, has a Borla exhaust (same as TRD) and his sounds pretty similar, just not quite as loud.

In terms of ride quality after lowering... well, of course its going to be worse. I can't deny that or else I'd be bullshitting straight through my teeth. But as far as how much worse? Well, thats partly up to the individual. For me, I like it-- tighter turning, less body roll, and nicer look. I like the way it feels when I drive. But don't get me wrong... I have a stock '07 V6 LE and a stock '06 RX330, and there are days where I love to drive 'em because the suspension is just so smooth.

Its really up to you. If its something you might be into, then yeah, lowering is for sure the way to go. Some people don't like it. *shrug* To each their own.
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performance iridium spark plugs! They make a difference!
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