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pulled enclosed the snow

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For the first time today I pulled a trailer with the taco. There was about 10" of snow where I picked it up from. Threw it in 4wd for the first time. No problems.

It was a 7x12 vnose and empty I could really feel it more than I thought I would. I put a harley electra glide in there and that didn't feel much different then when it was empty. However on the highway, I feel like I was struggling today with the wind. I was at 60 and it couldn't find a gear in liked (auto) and was all over the road. Once I changed direction it was a little better. It made me reconsider using that to go from NJ to SC with 2 bikes in the back. It seems I used close to half tank of gas to go 30 miles. At least a third.
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How many miles you have on the truck? Did you take it out of OD when towing?
6000. Yes when on the highway.
I pull a 2600 pound boat quite often. I'm passing everyone on the hills and it pulls straight as an arrow at 75 plus. Must be that the trailer is enclosed. Wind can be tough and a little scary at times. I wouldn't hesitate at all to tackle a trip with my setup. 05db trd sport..
Wind resistance can be a beyotch. A boat cuts through the wind alot better than a trailer with a relatively square front face. Especially at highway speeds. You could have a boat that weighs 6000 lbs. and a travel trailer that weighs the same, the boat will pull alot easier and you will use alot less fuel in comparison as well pulling the boat.
Load equalizer. Can't say enough good things about them. Especially in regards to this truck. I pull an enclosed trailer with a car in it. The load equalizer made all the difference. Especially in snow I would think it would help put the weight of the trailer back on the front tires of the truck.
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