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pushed a rod need to know wat will fit

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ok so i have just found out that my car that has been at the shop has a big whole in the side of it so i was wonderin wat motors from all cars will fit in it,,,
ae86 20valve?
2.4 supercharged previa?
give me input i got about 700 and can prolly get more depending on the amount
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god damn hippies

common now ppl i need sum toyota knowledge
This question has been answered about a Million times. Look through out the forum. Every option has been beat to death. You have the 4efte, 5efhe, 5efhte which are all drop in. Then the 20v 4age needs custom engine mounts.

700 dollars wil not be enough. You will need at least 1500 (that is for thecheapest swap the Starlet 4efte). For the engine, shipping, labor, and of course, when you get the engine, you will need to change the timing belt, water pump and do a full tune up, before you swap the engine.
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