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Put It In Play!

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I don't know how, but it appeared as a pop-up the other day, but my PC kept freezing when I tried to register.

Is anybody else gonna participate? Did anyone else know about it? Is this my first decent informative post?:eek:

Stop asking questions just go to the site.
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BTW this Greenlight/Redlight event seems to be drag racing basically:D
that looks pimp, too bad there isnt one coming anywhere near me...

this looks really cool, i cant believe toyota is going to let people play these games in FREE cars, thats crazy. id soo have to go if it was near me

and red light/ green light isnt a drag. when someone says green, you go, if someone says red you have to stop as soon as possible. if you move, you have to return to the start.

we play this at a skating ring on rollerblades
I know how red light/green light is played. But it seems basically like stop & go drag racing right?:rolleyes: Can't wait for it. they also have some little pass thing that lets ya cut in line..or so it seems.:D
you usually dont stop in a drag race, or have to go in reverse...:lol:
/shrug ...true :p:

quit bursting my speed bubble :hammer:
:woot: me & joe signed up for sunday oct. 17th at 10am at arlington park looks like fun & maybe we can get some cool free stuff too :D

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