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Putting a mr2 engin in a tercel?? (help)

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hey all I'm a hugh tercel fan I use to own a white 93 tercel, but do to somone running a stop sighn the car was wrote off and I have not yet bought anything because what I got for the car was way less then what I sunk into it. well now where is my question I am planing on buying another one ithor form 93 or 95 year. I live in newfoundland canada and we have a anual TARGA here and I would like to run not next year but hopefully the year after a tercel. Here is what I would like to do but I don't know if it is possible. I want to take a MR2 engin and sink it into a tercel. now if I were to do this what changes would I need to make I have been told it's a direct bolt up but taht doesn't sound right to me. anyway if this is at all possible could someone please tell me what I would need to change if anything and what modle MR2 engine I would need to get. thanks all!!!
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Start reading that and you may change your mind. It's far from a bolt-in. If I didn't have access to the tools and equipment I do this project would be well into the thousands by now. For a bolt in turbo engine look at the 4EFTE.
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