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2004 Scion xB
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I ordinarily wouldn't spend so much for an upgrade but I think this makes the car look really neat! I have concerns though about making the other hole in the bumper for the second exhaust pipe.

I have looked at the rear bumper and noticed that when the new hole is cut into the bumper for the new exhaust pipe, that opening is not going to have a rolled lip like the existing exhaust hole has. In fact, it looks like without some extensive bodywork to create the rolled ege, the new exhaust hole could look kinda crappy compared to the existing hole.

SURELY, Borla thought of this and provided something in the kit that would make both holes look identical? Maybe an insert like the Mustang side exhaust kits have for the rear openings?

I'd be very interested to see the instructions and how they explain the hole cutting and what's involved in installing the exhaust before I purchase the kit. Anyone have one of these yet?

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