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Question about 04 Matrix w/ 6disc CD changer and AUX port

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well my question is, is there a port on the back of the stock head unit for an AUX plug for like a cd changer or ipod thingy.

and/or, can someone post a pic of the back of the head unit I'm referring to.

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ah well.

Atleast someone replied. lol :)

I got help in another forum...sorta.

It's just hard to find information for the car and no 2 people tell you the same thing.

I think i found the solution tho. AB-GM12 I *Think* is a plug that goes into the back of the radio, which will then connect to the AUX-POD which then connects to the iPod...

But we'll see once I go to the car audio place and have them put everything in.
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