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So, there is someone interested in purchasing this from me:

The VIN to the vehicle is 4T1BG22K4VU063564.

Here's the problem. Someone told him that '97 Camry's didn't come with spoilers. He told me that he sees more '97 Camry's with spoilers than without. It's always possible that it didn't come with one, and the one on there is aftermarket.

I just checked this VIN through toyodiy, and I couldn't find that this car came with a spoiler.

Can someone give me any information about this? We're trying to make sure this will fit the car, BEFORE I sell it.

EDIT: In case any of this was worded poorly: guy wants to buy this for a '97 Camry. This Camry has a spoiler with LEDs. According to toyodiy (website), this year Camry has no spoiler - someone told this guy the same thing. If this spoiler is aftermarket and not installed by the original dealer, would these LEDs likely fit anyway?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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