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Question about aftermarket tail lights for 2008 corolla?

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Someone who may already have one of those aftermarket tail lights for their corolla, I need your help? My stock tail lights which I still have on the car, has the small yellow circle in the middle which is the turn signal but as you can see in the link below, the aftermarket tail lights I want have a red circle where the yellow circle should have been. My question is what color will be the turn signal lights when I turn? Are the stock turn signal bulbs yellow or clear? If my turn signal now flashes red instead of yellow, isn't that illegal?
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05+ corollas have amber bulbs in the front and the rear. The bulb is 3157A (A for amber). You can replace the 3157A with 3157 bulbs (clear) and you will have red turn signals. I have seen many cars on the road with red turn signals, so I guess the rear turn signals do not have to be amber by law. I am pretty sure the front turn signals have to be amber.

those are nice lights....but what mikered30 said is true about the amber turn signal....
I put a set of these on my corolla only in Chrome/silver they look great only problem is they both fogged up on me in any type wet weather, I wound up drilling a couple small holes in the lowest point on the bottom of the light and solved the problem, I screwed up one light where you can see the drill holes(black in silver) but Oh well...
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