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Question about blots/nuts ect

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I heard rumor that you could buy an engine bolt kit for your truck.. Now i have a 90 Toyota 22re 4x4 and i would like to replace all the warn bolts on the oil pan,timing cover, water pump, and oil pump.. i would really like to replace all the bolts.. but i dont wanna go to a fastener store with a bucket full of blots and ask em to match em up..

so i was wondering if anyone had any ideas bout it?

Also my machest is trying to talk me into getting new bolts for the rods and mains that are of a higher strength and grade.. Now i am not getting alot of extra hp outta this motor.. I simply put on a header and what they called an RV cam.. so i am wondering if it would be worth it or not.. I mean if nothing else its a piece of mind that odds are i am not gonna have to take the lower half of my engine apart but i wanted to get more options..

Thanks :)
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ARP bolts are commonly used, but I have had many high mileage 22R's and have yet to see one break, except from a rod breaking from running out of oil and spinning the rod bearing on a project truck I had.
As far as the external bolts, you could take them to a machine shop and have them tumbled with steel pellets in solvent - IF they have a tumbler. They come out clean with a satin finish.
Cool, well thanks for the info.. so you think it would be a waste of money to upgrade to the arp bolts? because with most stock motors it isnt gonna be a problem anyways..
If you think about it...

Upgrading fasteners during a rebuild is not a bad idea.

From the modest improvements you say you are going to do to it, it sounds like you expect to use this vehicle in a more "spirited" fashion than would be considered normal.

The fasteners that came on your truck are all good quality and engineered to withstand a certain amount of abuse over a particular life expectancy. Depending on the way the engine has been treated you may have already used up most,... or all of that life expectancy. Who really knows? So when rebuilding a high mileage engine replacing the fasteners is certainly a good idea.

Now you have to decide what fasteners to use. Like I said before, the factory hardware is really good. But what is the cost of the factory hardware as compared to upgraded hardware such as ARP? The difference is not really that much when you look at the overall investment you are already making.

I haven't done my engine yet, But when I do it will get the upgraded stuff.
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Thanks for the input. I think i am gonna have to see what the bottom dollar is.. This is my first rebuild and i knew NOTHING.. so i got taken advantage of hard by a "friend of mine" so need less to say i have almost 2200$ under the hood and the engine is in peices and i still need some more machine work done and a few more parts..

And no i am not kidding i have over 2200 in this rebuild..And the truck hasnt been road tested in over a year.. (It was put back together but with a head gasket problem so i looked at it and though wow to do it right i gotta pull the oil pan.. and dont wanna pull the front diff plus it would be nice to work on the motor on a stand so i pulled again) Mind you I have a new head,new RV cam, pacesetter header (not even a nice cermanic one) yellow top ?optium? battery, new timing cover then all the other must have new items, water pump, oil pump, timing set up... New radiator other one had leaks..

But wow 2200 and it looks like its gonna be close to 2800 by the time its all done.. i paied 2500 for my 86 4 runner 4x4 with a rebulit motor... It has made me super depressed... thats alot of money for a 10$ an hour maken kinda kid... :(
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Sorry to hear that. yeah, 2200 is big bucks.
yea, i just wish i could get in with a 4X4 group here in oregon so i could meet some guys that do this stuff for fun so i can learn how to work on these things..I would even work on theres for them simply to learn... you know? i have the factory service manual.. but that just isnt enough for me to feel safe to do it... But this forum has helped me some.. with questions and stuff... Knowledge truely is a powerful thing..
you being in oregon is a good thing, ted "engnbldr" standwood is in scappose ,or and i know for a fact there are quite a few toyota guys up there on th ewest coast. chack pirate's faq section... lots of info, be carefull what you post...

i also agree with vic about replacing the bolts, especially the rod bolts,exhaust studs/bolts and head bolts. all the other bolts should be checked for marred threads and any damage, if they are ok have them tumbled or hot tanked and reuse the good ones.
Another option other than "bringing a bucket of bolts to the fastener store and ask them to match them up" would be to get a metric thread gauge, chack them and inventory them yourself. Then you could just bring the list to the fastner store.

We happen to have a couple of very good ones locally that allow you to go through them self serve, with the exception of chrome fastners which are locked up.
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