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Question About Plastic Timing Chain Guide Wear

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Hello all,

My truck is in my signature.

I've read a lot here about the terrible things that can happen to a 22R-E engine if the timing chain wears through the guides.

How does one inspect this? Is this something I should be checking for every 30K miles when I've got the valve cover off to check the valve lash?

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take off the rocker cover, look down the sides if your tensioner is missing replace it, if you have 100k+ i'd replace it. if it is still in there it should be good.
mine was off for a while and it wore into the timing cover pretty good, not into the water pump though.
if your doing this with someone else communicate, me and my dad did it and we didn't communicate and both missed torquing the cam bolt, when we were setting the timing it came loose and fucked up some valves, and probably the corresponding pistons.
when i go back home to replace the head and what ever parts need replacing i'll be bringing a paint marker to mark the bolts i've torqued.
any way good luck with your truck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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