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Question about Rims

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Does anyone have any knowledge about ADR wheels? I see them all over ebay for a decent price, but I'm thinkin their cheap..Someone help me before i bid!
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You will realize that this site takes some time for posts to get replied too, so there is a bit of patience here.

Also, ADR has been around for some time,

Here is a clip from the site, they make a respectable rim.

ADR wheels are the flagship wheel line distributed by Golden Apple Corporation. ADR wheels were born in late 1997, marking the beginning of a wheel line unsurpassed in variety and style. ADR Design wheels were manufactured with the foundation of style, quality, variety and built with the highest grade raw aluminium, using the most technologically advanced processes available to date. ADR offers wheels for nearly every market, being manufactured in sizes ranging from 13” to 24”. Every wheel is offered in a variety of innovative and advanced finishes, including original colors such as Pro Titanium and Steel Gray. ADR wheels has since become the largest wheel brand in the entire industry, peaking at nearly 70 styles in current production. ADR Design was introduced to offer the public and automotive enthusiasts alike the opportunity to own a set of high calibre custom wheels. ADR wheels have the capacity to stock one of the largest wheel inventories in the country. With the power to distribute more wheels than any other company, Golden Apple Corporation has succeeded in the ability to offer the highest quality wheels without the high prices of similar, but much smaller wheel companies.
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adrs are middle of the pack type rims- not an expensive brand, but not by any means a no-name either
i just needed some feedback about the rims..everytime i tried going to the site it wasn't working so i gave up and asked the next best thing! YOU GUYS @ TN!!!! THANX!
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