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Question about the sunroof for the tC

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I may possibly get a tC so I wanted to ask you guys the sunroof. I went to a few car shows and sat in a tC and liked it very much. My only major issue is the fact that the entire roof of the car is a sunroof. For those of you who own a tC, how is it to have the entire glass roof? Does it get really hot in the summer? Have you had any issues or problems with the sunroof that could've been potentially dangerous?

I tried looking around for safety reviews for the tC and it scored pretty well. I'm just concerned because I've never had a car that the entire roof is glass. To me it seems a little unsafe but damn the car looks so fun to drive! Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I love mine. We havnt had any issues with them leaking either which is a huge plus! As far as safty goes the tc recieved a good review. Esp for a 2dr hatch (I just wouldnt recommend fliping it tho!). I wouldnt use the sunroof to push you away from the car. ;]
There are a lot of cars with glass roofs available now a days. Back when the tC came out tho I think the only other one was MB.

I had mine tinted when I did the rest of the car because it would get really hot sitting in the sun. The tint helped a lot. I did 30 on the sides and 25 on the hatch and I think 40 or 45 over the factory tint on the roof.
no problems with mine, it has a sun shade inside i just pull it shut and car stays cool
oh by the way mine came tinted from the factory so i didnt have to tint it.
^ Yep, they all do. I had really light tint put over the factory tint.
first car I remember was a crx si japan model back in late 80s early 90s that had a full glass roof.
There have been a few throughout the ages tho recently full glass roofs have become fairly common.
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