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Question before purchase

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My father would like to buy a 2006 V8 Tundra, most likely with 4x4. The only reason holding him back from buying it is my mom. She gets headaches easily in cars if they don't drive smoothly.

My father believes that the Tundra, on long drives, will be very bumpy and will not provide a smooth ride. He had come to this conclusion on his own. He believes that because Tundras were built to haul large amounts of weight, it will not give a smooth ride if we do not have enough weight to counteract its suspension/shock system. Is that a fact?

Is there a special suspension system or shock system that would provide a smooth ride?

My dad drives mainly on inner streets and freeways, no offroading.

I do not know much about trucks so I'm sorry if I did not include enough details.

Thank you for your feedback.
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I have just bought an 05 double cab, before I did, I test drove a few trucks. If you are comparing 1/2 ton 4X4 trucks, the Tundra is one of the smoothest! I wnet with the tundra because I was so cofortable behind the wheel compared to the Ford, or Dodge.

The best way to decide is go test drive em!

Oh, and the test drives I did were on used trucks. And the Toyota buy far felt the best after a few miles on it.
I think that my Tundra drives and rides very smoothly. But before your dad gets into a seal that would cost him a lot to get out of, I would explain it to the dealer. And either get a demonstraitor truck or rent a truck for a day or two. That way thet can take it on a fairly long drive and be sure that it works for your mom.
My mom is used to riding in a sedan. (Toyota Camry)

We have owned two different Camry's for the past sixteen years.

Thank you for all your help. Maybe I can put some sense into my dad now.
Engine and ride

I would say the engine is just as smooth as a camry, actually.........smoother. It's derived from a lexus, but is 8 cylinders instead of 6. The ride is awesome, better than a domestic truck for sure. I had an f-150 that was like a trampoline. But, I have never owned a camry, just drove one while they waxed up my tundra. From what I can remember the rides were similar. With the truck being longer it seemed to take bumps better. However the car is much lower to the ground, if that would make a difference in ride perception for your mom? Take her for a test ride............
If you stay away from the TRD "off road" package, it will ride as smooth as a Lexus. My 2004 rides smoother than dad's 1999 Camry. A 4x2 will ride even smoother.

Most half-ton trucks are not harsh, unless "off road" packaged. 3/4 ton and above have rock-hard high-pressure tires and stiff springs.
4 x 2

Mine is a 4 x 2 access cab. It is a nice ride. I can't say anything about a 4 x 4, but I can say that nikita has a good point. Any thing that is trd will be stiffer.
I find the TRD off road ride great! Havn't tested anything else in a Tundra though.
Hey VangXeo let us know how this works out,Ok?
Thanks everyone. I appreicate all the feedback. I will do my best to convince my dad to get this car. He really does want it.

Bamataco, I will do my best to come back to the forum and tell you guys if he brought it or not.
I have a Tundra 4WD (non-TRD) Access Cab and it does indeed ride very smoothly. Not just "smoothly for a truck," smoothly, period.

In fact, I feel it rides smoother and quieter than my 1996 Avalon XLS does!

Good luck! :thumbsup:
I just bought ( I mean today 01/10/06) a Tundra double cab, Limited, with the TRD package!! It is smooooooooooth!! This is one amazing truck!! I think your Mom will be just fine!
Hey guys. Update on my dad's purchase with the truck. I told him everything I have learned from you guys, but he did not tell me one bit of information that seems very important to him. (This is typical of my father, narrow minded and never gives you all the details. Just what he thinks is sufficient)

He said that a truck would not suit his occupation. He is a business owner and he thinks that owner a truck would not represent him well. He says it will give people the impression he was a worker rather than an owner. He is now looking towards the Sequionia which I heard was not worth the money.

Thats the update. Thanks for all your information. I really appreciate it.

Happy New Years to all you people that go by the lunar calendar.
What kind of work is he in?

I ask because I to own a business, and I want my customers and employee's to look at me as a worker. I don't see the bad side to that?
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