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Question for Gen3 Camry Coupe Owners

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Do you guys have door checks that crack?

If so:

Did you fix um?

Also How or What you did?

(Asked about the part at the dealer its like crazy money...junkyards usually don't even have coupes....sedan ones wont open all the way right?)
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Door checks? I dont have anything cracked near my doors...
i know what u mean. its the metal thing thatallows the door to hinge. i believe theres 3 of em, and my middle one cracked. every time you open the drivers door too wide u can hear a loud pop. i don't think this is a necessity to fix at the moment.
the door check is a piece which is attached to the door itself and the frame of the allows the door to stop at quarter open .. then half open .. then full

open ur door and you should see it...not the side with the door latch..opposite end where the door hinges on the body frame
I haven't had or heard of this problem.
the old gen 3 coupe did. didn't do nothin about it tho. o ya, only did it on the passenger side
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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