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Every car we've owned has had a name, even the parts car.
KE55 Corolla #1 - Billie
KE55 Corolla #2 - Pineapple (parts car)
AE82 Corolla - Rosie
ST162 Celica - Charlie
JZZ30 Soarer - Lexi
SXV20 Camry - Kevin (named after Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd, as the previous owner had called it Camry Rudd)
AE102 Corolla #1 - Charlene (retroactively named Mk1 after she was re-shelled in to Mk2)
AE102 Corolla #2 - Charlene Mk2
ZRE182 Corolla - Daphne
ZZE122 Corolla - Marvin

And for some temporarily borrowed ones (from my parents, the Camry was the only one named by us and the other two were just nicknames)
SXV10 Camry - Howard (named after the Australian prime minister before Kevin Rudd, John Howard)
DY Mazda2 - Maz
CG Captiva - Cap
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