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Question on AWD Sienna

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Hello all.

I'm a noob currently stationed in Germany. I've owned a 4Runner since my college days, but with a growing family the wife and I are considering a minivan, and the Sienna is high on our list because it offers AWD. Unfortunately, the AWD version only offers 7 seats, while the FWD version offers 8. We'd like to have maximum seating capacity. My question is, can an AWD Sienna be retrofitted with 8 seats like a FWD Sienna?

Any ideas?
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No. Not even room for a spare tire!
hoofhearted said:
No. Not even room for a spare tire!
Thanks for the reply. I found a Sienna club online (who knew?) and dug around without joining. It turns out that the subject has been beaten to death over there and it can't be done. The mounting bolt holes in the floor of the AWD are drilled in a completely different pattern than that of the 8 passenger van. I'm not sure what kind of mods I'd have to do to make it work, but I'm quite certain that the result would not be worth the effort.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to go with FWD. :disappoin
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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