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question on gen 4.5 bumper

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can a gen 4.5 bumper fit on a gen 4?
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yeah, the rear bumpers are the same its the trunk portion that is different, the front is slightly bigger
The front bumpers are different on gen4's compared to gen 4.5's. The headlights are bigger and the grill is different.

You would prob. have to trim the part behind the corner light.
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i took some pic of how my gen 4 look. u will see them soon. i read all the forum on how to put in tha headlight and tail lights for a gen 4. so i got a gen 4.5 trunk, just thinking if i change the bumper for the halo headlight. it looks cheaper. next week it is going in for a paint job
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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